Week 10

It’s Thursday of Week 10, and I was anticipating this being the most stressful day.

I had my first interview for a Real Museum Job this morning. It was for a position at a small museum in Louisiana. I Skyped with the director and we talked about the institution, their goals, and a few of my experiences. The position is a little more curatorial than I was hoping for, and I am fairly certain that I’m not the most qualified candidate. But it still made me extremely nervous. And also really excited. Any interview experience is good experience.

I’m in the process of scheduling two more interviews, via phone this time, with two more institutions in the Central time zone.

And today I talked to Becky about the potential for me to stay at the Burke.

I feel really lucky for all these chances and opportunities. And I don’t need to worry about any of the crazy decision-making for at least several more weeks, and probably not even then. But the mere possibilities still make my brain spin. Of the three interviews, two are for part-time temporary positions, far from either of my homes. And the third is a full time position at an inspiring institution, but is on the margins of my career goals and also looking for a long-term candidate.

I’ve prided myself on not being picky, on applying to whatever I’m qualified for wherever it may be. And I also don’t believe I’ll have the option to be picky, because I have student loans and bills.

But if it comes to decision-making, there is so much more to it. If I move to Nebraska, rent will be cheaper but I’ll need to buy a car. A part time job here or there might equal out. I love my current job. Will I be challenged enough if I stay? Will I get stuck here if I stay? Two time zones closer to my family is two time zones away from my partner, but the chance for a new start in a new city is incredibly tempting. And a lower paid part-time job for something I love to do might be worth more than full-time for something that I’m not as interested in. But is that financially responsible?

This is way ahead of where my thinking should be – I do this a lot. Sometimes all the advance planning makes decisions easier; often it just increases the amount of stress.

Tonight when I got home I ate Chipotle and watched TV shows, and I’m going to keep relaxing – planning trips, googling real estate, and trying to pick out a bridesmaid’s dress for my friend’s wedding. I’m excited for graduate school to be done; so excited. I’m scared too. Lots of multifaceted decisions on the horizon.

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