2017 Hikes

I don’t really blog anymore. There, I said it! I’m all over Instagram, but the photo editing/resizing/uploading game has got me posting less & less over here. Right now I seem to be prioritizing doing the things than reflecting on the things. Still, I’m trying to keep up with my goals, even if I’m not finishing blog posts for all of them.

Here’s a list of the hiking and camping I’ve done this year, just to bring myself up to speed & keep reaching toward the end of the year.



  1. Margaret’s Way, January 1
  2. North Creek Park Boardwalk, January 2
  3. Twin Falls, January 7
  4. Ruby Beach & Beach 4, February 18
  5. Camano Island State Park, April 1
  6. Halemau’u Trail: April 21: 2 miles
  7. Bandon Beaches, May 4-6: 3-4 miles total
  8. Tradition Lake, June 10
  9. Meadowdale Beach Park, June 11
  10. Fort Ebey State Park, June 24
  11. Old Robe Canyon, June 25
  12. Kelly Butte, July 1
  13. Glacier Basin, July 8
  14. Pike Place Market to Wallingford, July 16
  15. Grove of the Patriarchs, July 29
  16. Iron Creek Campground, Iron Creek Falls, August 11-13
  17. Sant Ambrogio to San Miniato al Monte, September 3
  18. Lime Kiln, September 30
  19. Cowiche Canyon, October 7
  20. Carbon River Road/Green Lake, October 14



  1. Olympic Peninsula/Kalaloch Campground, February 18
  2. Backyard, June 24
  3. Marble Creek, July 4
  4. Mt. Rainier/White River Campground, July 8
  5. Mt. Rainier/Big Creek Campground, July 28
  6. Iron Creek Campground, August 11
  7. Iron Creek Campground, August 12

So just a few to go in each category. It seems that the rain is about to set in here in the NW, but I feel good about how much sun I’ve soaked up in recent weeks. And hopefully I can push myself into a final few hikes even if it’s dreary.



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