Prague: Part III

On our third day we went to the Prague Zoo, which was really something. We most enjoyed the giant salamanders, creepy crocodiles, and Elephant Valley.

Prague Upload (70) Prague Upload (71)

We visited an art museum in the Convent of St. Agnes in the afternoon. We went pretty light on the museums this trip, but I wanted to see the inside of this convent and the art exhibit was neat.

Prague Upload (72) Prague Upload (73) Prague Upload (74)And of course we always find dessert. We discovered a place called Angelato and I had the best hazelnut gelato I’d had since being in Florence. Pure bliss.
Prague Upload (75)

We took a day trip to Kutna Hora to see the Sedlec Ossuary. This kind of thing used to fascinate me (I was enraptured when I went in 2011) but this time I mostly found it sad and a little bit unsettling. The bones of so many souls. It was also quite dusty, in some disrepair, and completely overrun with tourists. We didn’t stay long.

Prague Upload (76)

But Kutna Hora is a lovely day trip from Prague for other reasons. The nearby Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist is definitely worth a visit. The best part is climbing the stairs to the space over the aisles, where you can view the internal structure of the vaults. There are also lovely views from the balcony.

Prague Upload (77) Prague Upload (78) Prague Upload (79) Prague Upload (80)

For lunch we went to a restaurant called V Ruthardce, where we had a fantastic Czech lunch. I had a big Balkan salad comprised just of tomatoes, bell pepper, and cucumbers with a feta-like cheese (which is divine). And the atmosphere was lovely and cozy.

Prague Upload (81)

One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to visit the Cathedral of St. Barbara with its fantastic ceiling. What vault work!

Prague Upload (82) Prague Upload (83) Prague Upload (87)Prague Upload (85)

A stroll back through this charming town and to the train station, and back to Prague for our final day.

Prague Upload (89)

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