Hike #49: Heybrook Lookout

Hike #49: Heybrook Lookout
Mileage: 2.6 roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 850 ft
November 29, 2015

052The Sunday after Thanksgiving I was back in Seattle, slightly jetlagged and fighting off a cold, but it was sunny and I wanted to hike. I took the pup on my first solo hike with her to Heybrook Lookout, a short and lovely little hike not far from home.


Hiking with a cold not recommended. I was out of breath even taking it slowly and it took me a long time to do the short trail, but we reached the top and the lovely sunshine was perfect.


I’m not great with heights, getting fairly dizzy especially when climbing stairs I can see through. I can usually manage it with a lot of concentration and white-knuckled gripping of handrails, but since the dog was with me we opted for just the first two flights of stairs.


Turns out Ida is pretty uncertain about these types of stairs as well, or maybe she just sensed my anxiety. I coaxed her up the second flight and then we both decided that was far enough.


It was a great little hike. I’d like to go back and force myself to climb to the top, but this time it was enough to just enjoy the sunshine.095

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