Let’s Go

Clearly I can’t keep a commitment, to this blog at least. I have, in truth, been devoting a lot of time to thesis. All four aspects: the deaccessioning, the paper, the [accursed] toolkit, and the presentation.

I’ve also become a slightly crazy plant lady. The kitchen table is covered in small potted plants and I’ve got more on the windowsill. I need a warm sunny day to go work on the garden plot in earnest. We need to make some raised beds and work the soil some. But for now I’ve got a ton of sprouts and leaves and they’re exquisite.

It’s been a fascinating experience watching them develop new types of stalks and leaves. In the apartment we have sprouts for radishes, tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, watermelons, broccoli, basil, and lettuce.  The beans are growing the fastest, but the radishes grew several inches overnight at the beginning. The watermelon sprouts are slow but strong. It’s all amazing.

July (124)


The days are approaching where I can work an eight-hour day and come home to make soup and tend my plants and read in the sunshine. Those days will hopefully begin in two weeks, and I am brilliantly excited as well as very anxious. Let’s go.


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