Volunteer Park Conservatory

Unfortunately, there is no hike this weekend. Nor any hiking photography. This morning I realized that my camera lens was broken – I was pretty gutted, and it nearly wrecked the day, to be honest. But as usual, Eric talked some sense into me, and we ended up with a lovely afternoon walk through the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

20150307_132721 20150307_132854

This was my first time inside, and I completely loved it. If Eric and I decide to get married, I’m about 85% certain that I’d like our engagement photos taken here. (And 95% sure I’d like them taken at some greenhouse/botanical collection.) In the sunshine it was phenomenal, but I bet on a cloudy day the light is still lovely. And even photos from my silly little cell phone came out better than expected.

20150307_133524 20150307_134321 20150307_134234

20150307_133645 20150307_133635

20150307_134607 20150307_135114 20150307_135408 20150307_135704

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