Hike #25: Snow and Gem Lakes

Hike #25: Snow and Gem Lakes
June 13, 2015
Mileage: ~10 roundtrip
Elevation Gain: ~2300 ft

A solo hike for a weekend on my own in Seattle. It was brilliant. I set off early and got to the trail head around 7. Even then there were over a dozen cars in the lot, but I think most were from the previous night. The trail was fairly empty on the way up. I actually kept track of my timing on this hike, which is nice to look back on.

7:11 Got my permit and started on the trailDSC_0099

8:30 First sighting of Snow LakeDSC_0137 DSC_0185

9:01 Hummingbird spotted near the lake
9:17 Started on Gem Lake trailDSC_0208 DSC_0246

10:39 Ate lunch at Gem LakeDSC_0272

11:08 Started down
12:17 Stopped at Snow Lake to put my feet in the waterDSC_0304

Made it back to the car just a bit after 1:00. Perfect, wonderful, stunning hike.

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