House & Home

I’m very much in need of some days to catch up on the blog. In addition to a busy job and nice weather, my parents are visiting. And we’re unexpectedly going to be moving house in a week. Just when I felt like our current place had finally reached some level of completeness.


It’s not entirely an unpleasant prospect – the new house has some lovely features that I think we’ll very much enjoy. But it’s short notice, and going to require significant effort over the next five days (eek) to prepare and execute. It’s the renter’s curse, I suppose. A lot of change, but here we go.


I made blueberry cobbler last week and again last night, using this recipe from AlexandraCooks. My mother and I went to Chihuly Gardens & Glass, and yesterday we all traipsed around the Ballard Locks and went to Red Mill for lunch.

DSC_0596 DSC_0523 DSC_0537

Upcoming posts include a triad of hikes that took me to all three National Parks in Washington State over three consecutive weekends. I’ll also be trying to finish up my Prague recap (finally!), and maybe do some posts on sprucing up our new place.

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