Hike #44: Paradise Valley, Part II

Hike #44: Paradise Valley, Part II
November 3, 2015
Mileage: About 3 roundtrip
Elevation Gain: Negligible

Just a couple of weeks after my first exploration of Paradise Valley, I decided to go back and take a different set of trails.  It was a lovely little loop full of messy forest – ferns, maples, alders, and mushrooms.


My new job is going well. I’m getting to know the team and how I fit in among everyone else. Mostly I’m just enjoying learning new things – about the art, the artists, and the database we use.






It’s an adjustment, but it’s one I can manage. I’m here to learn things and challenge the way I think about collections and art and access and people. And when I’m done doing that maybe I’ll find a path back to museums or forward to something I haven’t imagined yet.


And for now I will continue to take advantage of my schedule to take short weekday hikes through messy forests.

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