2016: A Resolution

And so, you may ask, what’s next? Will the hiking continue in 2016? Of course! At this point I truly don’t think I could go on without it. Weekends without a hike now leave me feeling sluggish and unaccomplished. This is definitely the closest to loving exercise I’m ever going to get, but now that I’m here I can’t go back.

Since the beginning of December, Clare and I have been discussing our hiking plans for the new year. I’ll let you head over to her blog to read about her goals – in the meantime, here are mine.

My 2016 comes in two parts. 12 of my hikes this year will be a single trail, which I plan to repeat every month (totally swiped this idea from Clare, so again, go check out her site!). I’ve chosen Heybrook Lookout for this one, as it’s short and lovely and hopefully somewhat accessible year-round. In the case of not being able to get to it one month, I’ll still do it a total of twelve times throughout the year.

The second part of the goal is to do 30 different hikes. I’ll choose 20 based on their features: they’ll check off some kind of box for the type of landscape or region I’d like to experience. Although some trails I do might fulfill a few of these categories, I’m choosing not to double-count anything. The other ten can be anything.

As part of this, or in addition to it, I’d like to do five camping weekends. I’d love to do a backpacking weekend, but since I don’t have a budget for the gear (my student loans won’t be paid off for another year or so), it’d probably be a short overnight in the summer, without a lot of elevation.

Here’s my list. Feel free to suggest great hikes I could take to meet some of these goals!

Trails for 2016!

  1. Olympics Summit
  2. North Cascades Summit
  3. Central Cascades/Snoqualmie Area Hike
  4. Pacific Coast Hike
  5. South Cascades Hike
  6. Plateau Area Hike
  7. Mt. Rainier Carbon River/Mowich Area Hike
  8. Out-of-State Hike Lost Palms Oasis at Joshua Tree National Park, 1/16/2016
  9. Sunrise Hike
  10. Sunset Hike
  11. Solo HikeLake Serene, 3/26/2016
  12. Long Day Hike (more than 10 miles RT)
  13. Loop Trail
  14. Ridge Hike
  15. Alpine Lake – Colchuck Lake, 6/4/2016
  16. River Hike Sultan River Canyon Trail, 6/6/2016
  17. Wildflower Hike
  18. Fall Foliage Hike
  19. Waterfall HikeFranklin Falls, 2/15/2016
  20. Mushroom Hike

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