Hike #7: Tradition Lake (+ goals update)

A lapse in hiking to do other things: enjoy our yard, spruce up our house, plan our wedding, hide from the rain.

We got married, which entailed saying our vows in the woods and dancing with my best friends all evening before campfire s’mores, and a couple of stunning ferry rides. We planned the whole thing, and executed it flawlessly with the combined talents and generosity of all our favorite people.

This gorgeous photo courtesy of our fantastic photographer, Betty Simpson (bettyelainephotography.com); a stunning glimpse of the mountains by our dear friend Taline Kuyumjian. Photos of our decor by me.





And progress on 2017 goals!

I have planted my whole garden, which includes peas, lettuces, carrots, radishes, winter squash, basil, bush beans, pole beans, cucumbers, zucchini, kohlrabi, kale, chard, beets, strawberries, and several types of herbs, at a total of about 350 square feet.

We’ve painted three rooms of our house: living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

I paid off all my Stafford loans.

We’ve made excellent kale salads, roast potatoes, some fun breakfasts, and continue to experiment with our own version of Blue Apron recipes. We’re now trying to get back into cooking post-wedding (lots of hummus & veggies we’ve been snacking on for two weeks), and going to attempt cooking from some of Ottolenghi’s books for the Food52 cookbook club this month.

All good things.

But the outdoors! The weekend after the wedding I made a quick morning trip to Issaquah to do the Tradition Lake loop. I’ve done this once before and found it just as pleasant and rambling this time. Super lovely way to ease back into this thing I love, but haven’t been devoting much time to recently.


And this weekend we’re going camping. So let the outdoors continue!

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