Hike #5: Lower South Fork Skokomish River

Hike #5: Lower South Fork Skokomish River
Participants: Anna, Clare, Julia, and Ida
Mileage: ~6 roundtrip
Elevation Gain: ~400 ft

The first group hike of 2015! Clare and I had been looking at this hike for a few weeks, and thought it looked like the perfect opportunity to get us out to the lower Olympic Peninsula.


Clare graciously drove and brought Ida along for the trek.January2015-166 January2015-176 January2015-202

As usual, the colors were incredible. Sword ferns and mosses everywhere, in their element. And many adorable mushrooms of various sizes. The fallen trees were also particularly interesting on this hike.January2015-204 January2015-210 January2015-217

There was a little bit of switchbacking at the beginning, up first and then back down. After crossing a waterfall and winding through vibrant green undergrowth, we followed the river for a stretch.January2015-223 January2015-231

We followed the river upstream, where the water flowed over some shale and had a vibrant turquoise hue. Then the path began to turn and headed back into the forest.January2015-248 January2015-261

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the trees. (They smelled amazing.)January2015-270 January2015-282

These particular groups of mushrooms were along an incline up a hill and they were my favorites to photograph.


And Anna found these along the second creek we crossed.


Mushrooms make for wonderful hikes, even on rainy days.


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