Hike #4: St. Edward State Park

Hike #4: St. Edward State Park
Participants: Clare and Ida
Mileage: ~1 roundtrip
Elevation Gain: Negligible.


Well, let’s face it: if one attempts to go on 52 hikes in a year, several of those will get rained out and end up being more like short walks. Especially in the Pacific Northwest. In January.


Clare and I wanted to get out of the house again, but as we wearily searched through hikes late Saturday night, we gradually lowered our driving radius over and over, eventually deciding on a quick and easy drive to the Issaquah Alps. And in the morning we abandoned that plan altogether and went to St. Edward State Park instead.


I’ve been to St. Edward State Park four times now, all of them lovely, but none quite so soggy as this one. There was also some kind of trail run going on, so we felt a bit limited in the paths we could take. And after Clare and Ida (and I) slipped and slid down the Grotto Trail, we ambled back up a more gradual path and felt we’d accomplished what we set out to do.January2015-132

It wasn’t the most ideal hike I’ve been on, but I’m still glad we went. I was debating whether or not to post about it (A mile? That’s hardly a hike.) But it was still outdoors ambling through forest, and all the hues of green are even brighter in the rain, and that’s something to enjoy.January2015-134

Also, Clare posted a photo of Ida with the most brilliant caption: “Hiking weather in the PNW is just weather.” I love it! So we will press onwards through the rain, and hopefully have something a bit more exciting next week.

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