Hike #3: Rock Trail

Hike #3: Rock Trail at Larrabee State Park.
January 1, 2015
Mileage: ~4 miles roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 1200 ft.

A New Year’s day hike: January 1st, 2015! Hike #3 found us on a clear and cold day with lots of glorious sunshine. The views of the mountains from I-5 and the coastal drive along Route 11 were incredible. We got to the trail head probably around 11, and began the descent along the Rock Trail.
January2015-6 January2015-10

In addition to the rocks themselves, the most incredible feature of this hike was the ice. Icicles of all sizes were cascading down the sides of the cliffs. This recently-constructed trail winds downward alongside cliffs and enormous boulders, and through beautiful groves of trees and ferns.January2015-15 January2015-19 January2015-28 January2015-32

We made it to the bottom, and continued probably about .5 miles to the Lost Lake, which was very calm and still. Thankfully it was cold enough so all the mud was frozen solid. I would not have wanted to trek through it otherwise. The return trip upwards was equally stunning and had us warm again by the time we reached the car.

January2015-50 January2015-59 January2015-67 January2015-78  January2015-81 January2015-84 January2015-93

Before heading to an afternoon meal, we briefly stopped at the beach section of the park. I love the rocks here! We scrambled around a little, Clare did a bit of climbing, and we enjoyed the sunshine. The mountain views on the drive home were unbelievably beautiful, and the sunset was exquisite. An ideal start to a new year in the Pacific Northwest. January2015-107January2015-96

Happy 2015!

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