Kubota Garden


How is it possible I’ve been in Seattle three and a half years and never visited this lovely place? Saturday morning Eric and I explored the Kubota Garden in south Seattle.


Gardens have become a slight obsession of mine in recent years. While studying abroad in Florence, I took a history of garden design course where we spent our class time wandering through the wonderful 15th, 16th, and 17th century gardens of the city. And I fell in love with visiting formal gardens.


Last year when Eric and I were in Europe, visited a whole bunch of gardens. We went to the Wroclaw University gardens and greenhouses, and several gardens in Prague. This year in San Diego I loved the Botanical Building in Balboa Park. It’s become a new part of my travel, and it’s lovely. There’s so much artifice and design combined with nature in formal gardens, and something about that is just fascinating to me.


The Kubota Garden does not disappoint, even on an overcast and slightly dreary day at the end of February. There’s still color to be found – some flowers and berries, of course, but also the mix of radiant greens all around.


We spent a couple of hours just meandering the trails and marveling at all the plants in sight. I highly recommend an early spring visit if you’re looking for some nearby nature.



One thought on “Kubota Garden

  1. I was just listening to someone talk about red bridges in Japanese (I think) gardens. They said the bridges will loom out of the mist–that the colour must have been chosen to show up especially well in foggy weather. It sounded like a beautiful idea; your pictures made me think of that. Lovely!

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