Cape Disappointment

Last weekend we piled in the car and headed south. The weather turned out to be a little crazy, but it was so lovely to spend time with so many of my wonderful friends.

We explored the wild coast, first on the beach, where we met, rain, sun, more rain, and more sun.

And then up to one of the lighthouses, on a trail past a neat cove to a blustery cliff with incredible views.


It was not a great weekend for me for camera work. The light, the wind, the water, all of it fluctuating non-stop. But it was fun to try to capture it in any case. And great to relax in a cozy yurt as storms raged beyond.

2 thoughts on “Cape Disappointment

  1. Your photos of the sea are majestic and also romantic . It is a pleasure for the sight
    The troops at the foot of the lighthouse looks joyful! Great time .
    In friendship

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