Utah: Bryce Canyon

bryce-canyon-national-park_27153135140_oEn route from Zion to Moab, we paused at three different national natural recreation areas, the first of which was fantastic Bryce Canyon National Park. Upon entering this park, I had officially visited all the parks in Utah, which was an exciting realization.

bryce-canyon-national-park_27153133930_oAnd this park was stunning. Incredible views from high elevations over canyons filled with spires and hoodoos of all shapes. The rock looks so crumbly – much different from the smooth and flat canyon walls of Zion.


This hoodoo is named Thor’s Hammer.


We only hiked a short way on the Navajo Trail (as the part we wanted to do was still closed from winter), but we got remarkable views and a great feel for the landscape. A perfect little excursion between longer stops on the trip. The weather was cool and clear, and the hue of the rock changed as clouds passed over the sun and cast shadows, then disappeared again.


And another park I’d like to return to! It seemed full of day-trippers like us, but the campground wasn’t yet full for the night. I bet the stars are amazing here.bryce-canyon-national-park_27357830921_obryce-canyon-national-park_27357830831_o

Again, more on Flickr. On to Capitol Reef!

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