Hike #1: Boulder River

Hike #1: Boulder River
December 21, 2014
Mileage: ~2.5-3
Elevation Gain: Negligible.

The first hike of this series finds us on December 21st, a little stir-crazy and ready to get out of the house. Clare drove us all into the North Cascades to the Boulder River trail, and brought the puppy along as well. We had a nice ramble along the river, catching sight of several waterfalls and enjoying the misty air. We would have liked to continue longer, but the rain was setting in and the trail was essentially a stream, so we traipsed back to the car after about a mile and a half or so. Overall a very enjoyable little jaunt to get us back into the swing of things.

December2014-65  December2014-76 December2014-74December2014-82  December2014-98

The photos from this one didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d have liked. The lighting in these forests seems to be continually tricky for me to master. It’s hard to capture so much mossy green, so much filtered light, and so much misty air.


This last one is one of my favorites of the day. The angle makes it a bit difficult to tell how far away the water is, but the trees look so still on the opposite bank and the movement of the river really is evident.December2014-87

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